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Our Treatment of Natural Origin helps you in ... Our provision of Health Services at a professional level in General Medicine are granted individually by Us as well as by our Associates, and mainly help in the following Conditions: SCIATICA LOW BACK PAIN ( Backaches ) MIGRAINE ( Headaches ) FRACTURES OF VERTEBRAL COLUMN and others DISEASES OF ADULT MAJOR and AGING SPORTS INJURIES ( Ligaments, Muscles, Tendons and Cartilages ) VERTEBRAL COLUMN DISEASES, REUMATHOLOGIC and CHRONIC-DEGENERATIVE ILLNESSES, among many others ...
SPINAL DISC HERNIATION or SPINE HERNIATED DISC of VERTEBRAL COLUMN DEGENERATIVE OSTEOARTHRITIS or ARTHROSIS ( Osteoarthrosis - Cartilage Degeneration of the Joints ) OSTEOPOROSIS and OSTEOPENIA ( Decalcification and Demineralization of the Bones ) RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATIC and DEGENERATIVE. PREMATURE AGING GONARTHROSIS ( Degenerative Gonarthritis - Meniscus and Cartilages Degeneration of the knees ) and also in: and in general to your Bones, Cartilages and Joints ... ... You get to know our NATURAL TREATMENT of the GUZMÁN DRS. and the INTERNATIONAL GROUP ... Welcome !

Welcome to our Website where you can find a more in-depth explanation about our


in Diseases of the Musculoskeletal and Osteoarticular System

 in general, among others.


In addition, we put to your kind consideration all our Professional Services of Health and Integral Medicine. As always, we are to serve you.


We invite you to explore it and any questions or doubts you have about our NATURAL TREATMENT with pleasure we can solve them.










TREAT YOURSELF Your BONES and JOINTS, and have a better QUALITY OF LIFE and AGING ! ” Help yourself ... to have a better Senescence ”
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