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More than 50 years of experience support us
Our Natural Treatment helps in . . .
To treat you in time and avoid Vertebral Column Surgery. It’s a NATURAL OPTION, and at much LOWER COST. Providing the Opportunity to Improve HEALTH. STIMULATES the Strengthening of your Bones, Cartilages and Joints, as the rest of the Organism in general.
Why our Treatment is different from others ?
It’s Natural Provides relief and Health Improvement Low cost
Which kind of diseases can be treated ? Besides the SPINE HERNIATED DISC, ARTHRITIS, OSTEOARTHRITIS and OSTEOPOROSIS, can help in: Osteoarticular and Muscle-Skeletal system diseases and a HEALTHY AGING, and in the following Conditions such as:
Healing closure process of Bone Fractures. Delay in Growth and Child Development. To Improve: RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, general METABOLISM, and the deviations of the Spine, such as:  Scoliosis, Kyphosis and Lordosis Bone Grafts. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. Degenerative Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Strengthening Cells and Tissues. Increasing the effectiveness of the Medical Basis Treatments for Chronical-degenerative diseases, among others: Liver Cirrhosis, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer



What does our Treatment consist in ?
It's a Integral Natural Treatment supported in: Diverse Therapies and Therapeutics. Antiinflamatories, antirheumatics, antineuritics medicines, etc. Nutritional Supplements of Natural origin. Natural Healthy Balanced Diets. Individual Exercise and Treatment programs, according to each Case and Patient.
It’s suggested to take X-ray studies or Magnetic Resonances, Imaging Studies or other simple Clinical Studies as needed, before and after the Treatment, to see the Patient Clinical evolution.
 NO MATTER THEIR AGE ALL PEOPLE can request our Natural Treatment. TREAT... with us !
 Request all the Information sending us an E-mail !
About Us We have more than 50 years of Clinical experience and integral Medical care, as well as Clinical Cases resolved. If you suffer from these diseases ... Treat yourself with us !
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